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                Family and friends gathered at FBOG’s Old Tip Nature Reserve on the 9th of October 2021 to attend the opening of the Heligoland Trap built in the memory of Peter Dunn. Over £8000 was raised by family, friends, and work colleagues at Naturetrek to fund the trap, built by volunteers who had willing given their time and expertise over the last few months.

                Afterwards Kath Dunn offered an invitation to the White Lodge to meet and celebrate Peter’s life?

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                Our latest news and further information about sightings from around Filey.

                September Sightings

                October 6th, 2021|

                September started with a bang with a Fea's type Petrel north off the Brigg on 1st. Sea-watching? was good for most of the month, with all the skuas, Sooty Shearwater

                Migweek and FBOG

                September 28th, 2021|

                Migweek begins on 9th October, at various sites between Filey and Flamborough. Whilst FBOG applauds the aims of Migweek, FBOG has no involvement with any of the activities and events,

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                FBOG Seasonal Gallery

                Our seasonal gallery of some of the birds & wildlife that have been recorded in Filey during Autumn.


                ? David Eccles

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